Some web tidbits that breakfast group members have found interesting:

Pelosi In LaLaLand, Denies Mandate Delayed (7/12)

Obama Administration Delays Employer Mandate via Treasury Dept. BLOG on July 2 (7/12)

Jim Guirard: Vast Left-Wing Coverup (7/12)

jim Guirard:  Anti-Obama Witch Hunts OR Which Hunts? (7/12)

Obamacare Subsidies Doled Out Using "Honor System" Billions In Fraud Feared (7/10)

Roll Call News: Obama Skips Past Congress Again With Health Care Mandate Delay (7/10)

CBS News: Republicans Want To Talk To Col. George Bristol About Benghazi (7/10)

Claremont Institute: The Higher Education Scandal (7/10)

Flashback--Holder: Universal Voter Registration Through Government Benefits (7/10)

American Interest Magazine: R2P Fatally Flawed (7/10)

American Thinker: Liberals To The Law:  Get Lost! (7/10)

Book Review: Iron Ladies (7/10)

Walter E. Williams: Black Education Tragedy [Having taught college freshmen, I would say this is an American educational tragedy] (7/10)

Why The White House Is Panicking About Obamacare (7/10)

The Astonishing Collapse Of Work In America (7/10)

Americans Shift View Of U.S. Surveillance Programs (7/10)

DEBKA: Billions Of Arab Petrodollars To Egyptian Army (7/10)

Reuters: Egypt Strengthens Border With Syria (7/10)

BBC: Is Egypt Poised For Jihad? (7/10)

Telegraph (UK): Jihadists Waiting In Egypt (7/10)

Iraqi Shiite Militia Fighting In Syria In Support Of Assad (6/30)

Why Is Obama Ignoring Iraq? (6/30)

Africans Are Apparently "Homophobic;" L.A. Times Is Shocked (6/30)

The Anti-Anti Democrats Of Cairo (6/30)

Obama Tells Press Corps To "Behave" (6/30)

FISA Court Judges Upset At Portrayal Of "Collaboration" (6/30)

Catholic Priest Beheaded By Al Qaeda-Linked Rebels (6/30)

Guardian (UK): New NSA Leaks Show How US Is Bugging Its EU Allies (6/30)

Mark Steyn: The Simulacrum Of Self Government (6/30) 

Well Said, Mr. Will. Well Said (6/30) 

Sadow: Landrieu Will Say Anything To Avoid Consequences of Obamacare Vote (6/29)

Advocate: Judge Rules SU President Defrauded Foundation (6/29)

Iran: Terror as Foreign Policy (6/29)

Middle East More Dangerous Then President Thinks (6/29)

American Thinker: Dangerous Times: Obama's Perversity (6/29)

Bottled Water Purchase Ends In Jail Time For UVa Coed (6/29)

Court Orders Halt To Obamacare Provisions That Violate Consciences of Hobby Lobby Owners (2/26)

Three Americans Killed In Egyptian Violence (6/29)

NC Democrat Shocked The Folks Have A Problem With Refusing To Hire Based On Race (6/29)

Telegraph (UK): Nanny Bloomberg Calls On New Yorkers To Close Their Wallets To Pro-Gun Democrats In Other States (6/12)

France 24: Erdogan Announces He Is Open To A Park Referendum (6/12)

WaPo: Erdogan Still Enjoys High Approval Outside of Istanbul (6/12)

Mapping Turkey's Anti-Government Protests In Real Time (6/12)

Stratfor: Turkish Violent Protests In Context (6/12)

Class-Action Suit Filed Against Companies And Officials "Complicit" With PRISM Program (6/12) 

Guardian (UK): NSA Surveillance Played Little Role In Foiling Terror Plots (6/12)

Business Insider On NSA's New Utah Facility (6/11)

Daily Beast: Behold The NSA's Dark Star: The Utah Data Center (6/11)

Guardian (UK): NSA Snooping: Obama Under Pressure As Senator Denounces "Act Of Treason" (6/11)

Soldier Who Read Conservative Books Faces [Trumped Up] Charges (6/11)

Via Meadia: Public Peace, Secret War: The Snooping Scandal And Obama's War Strategy (6/11)

American Thinker: The Education Bubble Has Burst (6/11)

Five Reasons Why The Rubio/McCain Amnesty Is The Next Obamacare (6/11)

Tenets Of Liberal Education Underpin Government Abuses (6/11)

Liberals and RINOs Brand Snowden A Traitor (6/11)

New York Post: Hillary's State Department Covered Up Sexual Misconduct (6/11)

CBS: State Department Report reveals Possible Coverups Of Sex And Drug Activities (6/11)

Human Events: EPA May Well Have Provided Yet Another Scandal (6/11)

Obama EPA Gives Ranchers' and Farmers' Personal Information To Radical Environmental Groups (6/11)

Obamamedia Reverts To Familiar Theme Of Attacking GOP In Midst Of Scandals (6/8)

WaPo: Everything You Need To Know About The NSA'a Phone Records Scandal (So Far) (6/8)

Human Events: The Media Internalizes The Benghazi Narrative (6/8)

American Thinker: Benghazi Narrative Shift Perfectly Clintonian (6/8)

Glenn Greenwald (Guardian, UK) States U.S. Government Wants To Destroy Privacy Worldwide (6/8)

Officials Note That NSA Intercepted and Read Communications Of Innocent Americans (6/8)

Guardian (UK): Obama Orders U.S. To Draw Up Targets For Cyber Attacks (6/8)

Lee Smith: Justice For Hezbollah (6/8)

Lois Lerner's Past Sin (6/8)

American Thinker: Obama & Hillary's Vast Left Wing Conspiracy Coverup (6/8)

Data Tracking And The Common Core Curriculum (6/8)

Limbaugh: American In Midst Of A Coup (6/8)

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